Assalamualaikum wbt.

Ties II

Assalamualaikum wbt.

" u yg vvygjhh gugh gj       fv                 "
typed by my baby.

Blogging hasn't become any easier with this lil one chewing on the laptop wire, craving for attention, with a parent unable to distract him.

6 weeks since.

His tremors and speech improved, alhamdulillah. though they still couldn't come out with diagnosis, merely 'midbrain inflammation'. Lots of things going on at a time, I couldn't keep up without the people around me.

The first week of mr hubs admission was hard. I had to drive from Coventry to Birmingham everyday, and I was exhausted. Needed to entertain in laws, made sure they're well taken care of while mr hubs in the hospital, tried to give my best for my son's development. Too much at a time, I decided to find a place to stay in Birmingham, closer to the hospital.

For the first few days in Birmimgham, we stayed in one kakak's house, and the next, a doctor friend offered her house. And we've been staying till then.

The words spread out about mr hubs admission, and for the second and third week (during my in laws' stay), the Malaysian community took turn cooking for us. I know few of them, but the rest I don't. It's a blessing to have them helping out though they didn't even know me before. And such circumstance brought us together.

It drained my energy going back and forth to the ward and running errands by myself. After two weeks of admission, I decided to leave lil one to my MIL for about 3 hours (before the next feed), in order to be with mr hubs during the ward round.

Doctors said that the inflammation is affecting the memory part hence the details mentioned to him were blurry - I needed to be there for first-hand info. And since my baby was wheezing at the time, he was on inhaler and antibiotic, I even had to rush him to A&E due to bronchilitis - the doctor said not to bring him to the hospital anymore. So the arrangement was - leaving lo to MIL while I walked to the hospital (20 mins) and joined the ward rounds; in the evening was in laws' turn to visit, in other words, it's mommy and baby's quality time.

Three weeks had passed, it's time for the in laws to go back home, Malaysia. SIL offered to stay just a lil bit longer, but after we had a thorough thought about it, off she went. So I asked the Malaysian community who would be willing to take care of my baby 3 hours/day and we're willing to pay reasonable charges. And one of them offered willingly, free of charge.

I've never met that kakak before. The first time was when I left my baby with her. Though I was a bit nervous to leave him alone with someone I didn't even knew, I pray that Allah will take care of my baby whenever, wherever and with whoever.

The first hospital admission due to neurological symptoms last year had introduced me to one kakak who lives near the hospital. Both she and her husband allow me to park my car in front of their house, so I can walk to the ward (10-15 mins). Instead of having to pay for parking fees, I got to park for free.

Our expenses and spending could've been bigger if not because of them. And my optimism could've been crushed to ashes without their supports.

What more could I ask for oh Allah, You made things easy for us despite the challenges we're facing.

I want to give my best, in whatever challenges I'm facing. I hope Allah always allow me to give my all to my son, to my husband, to my family, friends and the ummah in whatever costs.

(To be continued)

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