Assalamualaikum wbt.

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Assalamualaikum wbt.

It's been a while, and hadn't got a chance to update. Since husband's asleep, and since i received a news about a friend's dad had a stroke and she needs urgent help financially, i thought i'd help by writing this. Click here,
Where did i last left off? I'd better write before i lost everything on those depressing moments. Thought i still and will always remember em, but i guess bitter moments are better forgotten, and only the good side of em should be kept and remained. Hence ive started to forget the details.
His symptoms did not worsen, he could walk, a lil bit stable alhamdulillah. But other symptoms did not seem to improve. Perhaps the 3-day steroid drip had started to kick in. Since he seemed like a bit stable, though the effects of LP hadn't gone away, we thought we could try asking for a day leave on sunday from the doctor. What we had in mind, was, i could bring him from the hospital for just a visit to a friend's house just for a couple of hours. Thought that it'd be a good practice for him to walk a lil bit further(?). Glad that the doctor didn't allow us to. Mannn, what was i thinking?! He was unable to walk not because of his legs, but because of the brain! How can he practice when his brain couldnt even control. 
I came very early without anyone's permission, like a boss. Lucky that i hadnt got caught for violating the visiting hours. I guess because my husband's in private room, so me being there early wasn't a bother to anyone. 
Anyway, since we were only spending time in the room, and i thought he's fit enough, i  asked him for just a quick coffee date at costa downstairs (still in the hospital building). This time, he walked. Without bringing a wheelchair with us. Just as we were about to have seats, he said he felt intense headache and wished to be back in the room as soon as we could. So i decided to bring him upstairs and cancel the so called date. While waiting for lift, he vomitted that right instant. A lot. Even if he tried to control, he couldn't. There was a nurse waiting to go upstairs at the same time, rushed to help. A lady, with just even a ply of tissue came to me, handed the tissue and said, 'this is all i have'. Obviously the tissue wasnt enough. But the thought of helping soothed me, a bit. I felt awful. It was a bad idea to bring him down. 
Then, a nurse from his ward came down with a wheelchair to pick him up after the nurse at the lift area called her.
He had a second MRI. Well, that was quick. They just had the steroid in for a couple of days. The MRI results showed that there was a slight reduction on the inflammation. Alhamdulillah. The steroid works, it just needs time before they can fully kicking in because we're dealing with brain here. And being a human, I was somehow expecting his symptoms to fully improved within just days.
We asked the neurologist in charge that morning to explain on the MRI images. He explained about the inflammation and we had to wait for other diagnosis.They had him for eye tests, with neuroopthalmologist assessing. It took hours for the tests. From the neuroopthalmologists point of view, the brain inflammation didn't reduce that much. They still couldn't find the reason to the inflammation.
A junior doctor had him tested for metal exposure, since maybe they suspected that my husband's phd work might be the cause of the swelling. He also mentioned that an 
endocrinologist would come and assessed my husband since they found from the MRI that his pituitary gland is a bit bulky.
My husband had his third MRI. This time specifically for the pituitary gland part. They just had to make sure everything's fine. Plus they stil couldn't find the cause. Neurologist in charge said may be my husband needed to undergo biopsy and may be, he had to undergo an operation so that they can take his brain cells to be tested. Gulp.
I came a bit late but i came just about time for Friday prayers. Since the porter that we requested hadn't come to pick him up, and to send him to the chapel, i decided to accompany my husband to the prayer hall before heading for lunch. I was planning to come back afterwards but instead, he came to me right after he had his jumuah prayer. Hmm impressive.
Seeing that he's walking a lot more stable, had made me asking the doctor when will he be discharged. Heh. His slurring speech improved compared to last time.a but tremors are still there. Yes, still.
Oh and also on Saturday, he treated me with a cup of hot chocolate downstairs! Glad that everything went well so far alhamdulillah.
We had a picnic by the hospital compound. We sat on the green grass, the weather couldn't even be better. I guess with his current condition, i was a lot more confident to bring him home and take care of him myself. Though the thought of the same thing to recur is still there. Oh and btw he was transferred to a bay and no longer was he in the private room. A good sign huh? We speculated that he might not need the private room anymore now that he's more stable. Plus it might be a sign of he's gonna be discharged soon.
Monday, discharded day!
Early in the morning, during ward round, the specialist said that he was good to go. But still needs follow ups. Yeay, he's an outpatient. No more depressing space and moments alhamdulillah. Recoverring period can be continued at home. Btw, the doctor still couldnt provide with exCt diagnosis hence they couldnt say much. It's now a wait-and-see period. They couldnt conclude something exact yet, hence they couldnt provide the exact treatment. 

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nurulhusnazubir said...

Alhmdlhh thumma alhmdlhh :') may u both be grant with lots of pahala for the test and the patience. N may allah curr the disease n things get perfectly normal bfore the baby comes! :')